Entry: Newton's theory Saturday, August 09, 2008

I've been carrying a lot of tension lately. Most of it is work related. Some of it personal life related. But it's been bugging me in more ways than one. And it's something that I decided needed to be dealt with before school starts. Yes, in case I hadn't mentioned it, I'm going back to school. Orientation is next week, and classes start the following. Between work and school, I figure I won't have a social life for the next 4 years lol. Point is, though, that I really don't want to carry this tension into the start of school.

Back when I was entering the IT field, I worked to become a Microsoft Certified System Engineer (sounds more impressive than it really is). Anyway, it required passing a series of six exams. I developed a system that worked rather well for me in dealing with the stress of the exams. I won't go into all the details, but one of the main factors was to plan something for after the exam. It could be something as simple as a movie, or miniature golfing, etc. But the idea was that by preemptively rewarding myself for a job well-done, it helped me relax. How could I possible not do well if I already had the congratulatory celebration planned?

jump3Since embarking on a graduate program is significantly bigger than an hour and a half test, I figured the preemptive reward should be much bigger. And it should be something that would help relieve the tension. I contemplated signing up for a few laps at Laguna Seca, but that was a tad too expensive and would require taking a day off work (they don't run the school on weekends). And so rather than try to go 120+ mph in a chunk of steel, I opted to let gravity do the work and go 120+ mph straight down. This morning, I headed out to Hollister, climbed into a rickety little plane that carried me up to 15,000 ft, and then I jumped out. Gotta say, it was a rush. And a definite tension release. The pic here is just a screen cap from the video they shot. I also had stills taken, but I have to get them developed & uploaded. So, better images will be available soon. But I couldn't wait to post about it, and to let everyone know that I did not go "SPLAT!" Oh, and apparently, Newton was rather correct on his theory of gravity.


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