Entry: Facing your fears Monday, October 24, 2005

Several days ago, I walking into my kitchen and was confronted by spiders. Yes, spiders. Plural. Lots of them. Almost 2 dozen, as a matter of fact. Each one was about the same size as the wolf spider who tried to break my hand. Big brown things, all just sitting there staring at me with their beady red eyes. As you can imagine, it was rather unsettling.

But did I panic? Nope. I swiftly went into action, decapitating one almost immediately. Then I grabbed another, snapping each of its legs off one by one before ripping into its body. I dispatched 6 or 7 in rather sadistic fashion before regaining my composure. Then I gathered all the remaining arachnids together, put them in a box, and mailed them to my friend Froot Loop as a birthday gift. Isn't that such a wonderfull idea? Wouldn't you just be so appreciative of a friend who sent you such a lovely gift? Sure you would. And I am very sure she was quite thrilled to open that package and find a dozen or so big ugly spiders. Hopefully they survived the trip relatively unscathed, because broken spiders aren't nearly as good a birthday present as whole ones. Wouldn't you agree?

Proof there really were big spiders in my kitchen.


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October 28, 2005   02:25 AM PDT
remind me never to ask a gift from you. :p
Zube Girl
October 25, 2005   05:35 AM PDT
Oh, those are awesome! Now I know what I'm sending Hoot for a Christmas gift!
October 24, 2005   05:29 PM PDT
Ms. Mac: Thanks. They taste yummy, too. :)

Jilly: Yes, I bake & own a cute dog. I even cook good, too.
ms. mac
October 24, 2005   11:15 AM PDT
Corrr! they look great!
October 24, 2005   09:47 AM PDT
You made those yourself? A man that has a cute dog. A man that bakes. *swoons*

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