Entry: You asked for it! Friday, September 09, 2005

Well, y'all asked the questions, so now you'll have to put up with the answers.

Christina of Blood & Tears asked:

1. If you could take a month long, paid-for vacation, where would you go? More than 1 location is allowed =0)
Totally paid for? Anywhere I wanted? Easy. Ireland & Scotland, with a side trip to parts of England if time permitted. No question about it.

2. Which actor/actress would you want to invite to your home for an evening, and why?
Now this is a toughy, because there are so many. But I'd probably go ahead and invite Judy Greer, because I don't mind admitting I've had a crush on her for quite a while. But, Keira Knightley, Jenna von Oy, Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, Morena Baccarin, Summer Glau, Desi Lydic, Sarah Silverman and a few others would also be strong possibilities, and would never be turned away from my door

3. Are you a Beatles person? Or an Elvis person?
Are those my only two choices? Seriously, I've never much liked either. If I had to choose one of those two, I suppose I'd go with Elvis, because he at least can protect me from rampaging undead mummies who want to suck my soul out my ass.

========== ==========

Pearl of Humanyms asked:

1. Who do you think influenced you most in developing into the kind, level-headed person you are today?
I've never really thought about this. And now that you've brought it up, I really have no clue. It required some serious thought, and the only person I could come up with is my mother. Of the people who have been influential in my life (or even just around me for a large portion of my life), she's the one who's most level-headed, so I must have gotten it from her.

2. Can you ever do "lucid dreaming"?
To the best of my knowledge, no. It is very rare that I remember my dreams. Basically, unless it was an incredibly weird or frightening dream, the moment I wake up, it's gone. And in the really weird or psychotic dreams, I never seem to achieve "lucidity", even though I really should at some point, because they're usually way outside the bounds of reality. Of course, since I don't remember most of my dreams, for all I know I am completely lucid in all of them.

3. And, an easy one, have you ever worn a kilt?
Wait, lemme think about that one for a minute . . . um, no. And I likely never will. I'm the kind of person who doesn't even feel comfortable in shorts. Plus, I tend to put my legs up on footrests/stools/chairs/tables/etc. or rest one ankle on the other knee when I sit, which isn't really condusive to wearing a kilt. But, if I'm ever fortunate enough to get married, I have toyed with the idea of wearing a kilt for the ceremony. Mostly because it would mean I'd get to force the groomsmen into also wearing kilts, which would annoy the crap out of my them, and annoying my friends is always fun.

========== ==========

The evil Zubegirl over at The Adventures of Zubegirl asked:

1. If you could cease any one annoying behavior by others, what would it be?
What is it with you people limitting my choices to just one?! There are so damn many. If I had to choose just one, um . . . probably talking/making noise in the movie theater. I mean, back in the day, when I could see a double feature for $1.50, it wasn't that big a deal to put up with a kid crying, or someone talking to their companion, or the occassional kicking of one's chair, or the dipwhad who lit up a stogie, etc. But now that I'm paying $9 or more and have to put up with the theater force-feeding me a dozen advertisements for other inane movies I have no intention of seeing, I have very little tolerance for idiots who do anything to spoil my movie-going experience.

2. Who was your favorite teacher growing up, and why?
Mr. O'Leary, 11th grade US History. He was a laugh riot. He'd go off on tangents in the middle of his lectures, talking about how he hated Safeway so much he'd frequently go into their stores and start knocking things off shelves just to annoy them, or about his experiences in the US Navy during Vietnam (even though we were studying colonial America), and other really wacky things. The first day of class, a girl had a Twinkie sitting on her desk . . . still in the wrapper, not eating it, just saving it for later. O'Leary hated Twinkies more than anything in the world, so he walked up to her desk with a golf putter (which he'd frequently use to get people's attention) and smashed the hell out of it--splattered all over the poor girl's shirt (and the people around her). But the coolest part was that through all his antics and tyrades and wandering-off-topics, I still learned more in his class than any other.

3. Have you ever been caught masturbating, and by whom?
The moment I fired off my 3 questions to you, I knew you were going to ask a really embarrassing question of me. And even contemplated risking the pigeon-feather-tickling by not posting the challenge. But, like you said--payback and all that. And while I thank you for offering to replace the question, fair's fair and all (plus, to be honest, I think this one is probably easier to answer than the replacement you offered). Since it's a well known fact that all guys masterbate during their teenage years (and possibly longer), it's really not that embarrassing for me to admit that I've done the deed. And yes, I was once caught by my dad, who tried (unsuccessfully) to pretend he didn't really see what was going on and took the attitude of "As long as neither of us ever mentions it, it didn't happen."

========== ==========

-E of Hanging Around A World of Chaos asked:

1. What do you sleep in?
Usually, my bed. Unless I'm camping--then it's my sleeping bag. Oh, that's not what you meant? I wear PJs, of a sort. Lounge pants & a sleeping shirt. Loose fitting, nice and comfy, not too warm, not too cold, and no buttons to get snagged on things (I ruined 3 sets of PJs that had button down shirts in the past . . . somehow tearing the buttons off in the night lol).

2. What is the worst nightmare you've ever had?
It actually just happened a few nights ago. Though I still will not discuss the details (sorry if anyone feels that's a violation of the rules--it was just too disturbing). All I'll say is that it involved many muy bad things happening to 2 friends, with me having to watch and not able to help them.

3. When you open your fridge with your eyes closed and reach in to pull something out, what did you grab?
You mean, like, do this and tell you the result? Okay, hold on a minute . . . .
A small bottle of lemon juice. Which I'm almost out of, btw. Thanks for pointing that out to me.


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September 17, 2005   03:22 AM PDT
Your responses are most definately entertaining!
September 13, 2005   08:04 AM PDT
No, Amie, that is not all my fridge has got. It's just what I happened to grab when I closed my eyes and reached in. There are lots and lots of things in my fridge. Some of which are actually edible.
September 13, 2005   04:05 AM PDT
wow! very insightful Phil! now we know more about you. your fridge is that all it got? a lemon juice? it is suffering from ulcer huh? :)
September 9, 2005   11:36 PM PDT
Loved your answers!! That was great. Now I have to go find out who all those actresses are....
September 9, 2005   12:39 PM PDT
I can't believe that I missed this! But this made me laugh "Since it's a well known fact that all guys masterbate during their teenage years (and possibly longer)..."

Possibly? lol

Also we all need to see a pic of you in shorts. I liked this Q&A!
Zube Girl
September 9, 2005   10:12 AM PDT
Heh. Great answers! I'm sorry about #3. Like I said, happy hour/s. They seem to make me even more obnoxious than I already am! And with the chatterboxes in movie theatres, I am SO with you on that one. :)
ms. mac
September 9, 2005   08:10 AM PDT
Phil, if you have the Gilmore Girls over for dinner can I come too? I promise to leave at just the right moment. Also, I think they'd love it if you wore a kilt, I know I would! :-)

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