Entry: Too scary Monday, September 05, 2005

I have just spent that last hour or so wondering if I should try going back to sleep after being abruptly jolted awake during the most crazy and terrifying dream I have ever had.  Honestly, I have not stopped shaking yet, and do not even wish to discuss the details.  It was that frightening.  And yes, just like my previous 2 weird-arse dreams, it involved the Froot Loop (and Llama Girl, too).  I really must have a stern talk with that girl and get her to stay the frack out of my dreams.  Actually, I think I just need to talk with them both, just in case dreams really can portend the future or tell us when things are wrong or whatever other supernatural hogwash might be involved.  Right now, though, I think I really need a strong drink.  Or seven.


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September 6, 2005   07:03 PM PDT
you were probably thinking of both of them subconciously and it manifested in your dreams
ms. mac
September 6, 2005   09:21 AM PDT
Awww... poor Phil! Sounds like you needed a cuddle!
September 5, 2005   06:54 PM PDT
Ick {{{{hugs}}}}}

I know how you feel on the dream front. If I'm not being woken up screaming by the horror in my head then it's the neighbours or himself snoring.
I need me some quality kip!
September 5, 2005   03:10 PM PDT
Sounds perfectly horrible. Let's hope it slips from your memory sooner rather than later.
September 5, 2005   08:18 AM PDT
Strong drinks always make me feel better after a bad dream... :)

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