Entry: Stress test Friday, August 26, 2005

One of the best ways I can tell when I'm overly stressed or depressed is by taking a look at what I eat.  Now, my diet ain't that great to begin with.  But, when I'm stressed, I eat more.  And when I'm depressed, I eat more junk food.  Here was my meal plan for yesterday.

Breakfast:  2 donuts & a bottled Frappuccino.
Lunch:  1 pint Ben & Jerry's Dublin Mudslide & a Pepsi.
Afternoon snack:  1 bag microwave popcorn & a Pepsi.
Dinner:  2 beers.
Dessert:  1 pint Dreyer's Coney Island Waffle Cone.

I dunno.  Kinda inconclusive, wouldn't you say?


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ms. mac
August 30, 2005   07:09 AM PDT
Hmmm.. sounds like my kinda diet. I'm a bit down too, right enough.
August 30, 2005   03:45 AM PDT
lol, do you need Midol?
August 30, 2005   03:24 AM PDT
ooops and beer too. i don't drink beer
August 30, 2005   03:23 AM PDT
its' not that bad. i eat all of those too except for the pepsi. i'm worse than you in fact. i eat those in addition to my regular meals for the day. ;)
August 29, 2005   01:07 PM PDT
I'm looking at my bag of popcorn sitting next to me, knowing full well it is telling me the same thing yours is telling you.

Oh well!
August 28, 2005   01:56 PM PDT
Stress is bad. Perhaps a nice healthy choice meal is in order to put you back on track...or start working out when you're stressed...work out, get hungry, eat good food... :)
August 28, 2005   01:24 PM PDT
man, you are lucky to be alive with that sort of food. that's way dangerous.
Miss LaLa
August 26, 2005   01:49 PM PDT
nice page =)

August 26, 2005   08:45 AM PDT

oh wow - if i ate that i'd go belly up in under 24 hours.

you really ARE stressed out. *chuckles*

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