Entry: Go to Hell Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I had another really weird dream last night.  So weird that I actually remember most of it, which is a rarity for me.  I was in Hell.  And I'm not talking figuratively, either.  I'm referring to the actual Hell . . . as in, somehow I had died (that wasn't part of the dream) and wound up in the underworld.  I know that's a major shocker.  I mean, who would believe that I would be sent anywhere but Heaven upon my death?  lol

Anywho, Hell was nothing like what I expected.  No fire.  No brimstone.  No red-faced, tights-wearing, horns-and-tail-toting Devil.  No tormented souls screaming in agony.  It actually looked quite a bit like my neighborhood.  My brother and his girlfriend were there.  Though they pretended not to know me.  Now, that should not be construed as evidence of torture . . . not being recognized by my brother and his girl isn't necessarily a bad thing.  Actually, I'm not even really sure how I knew it was Hell.  Oh, yeah . . . it was the fact that all my computers were Macs and I had only dial-up to the Internet.

But y'know, aside from that, I honestly couldn't tell the difference between Hell and my life right now.


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August 17, 2005   09:54 PM PDT
You should be so lucky about the macs. :mad:
August 16, 2005   10:48 AM PDT
dah! I had a weird dream last night too. Except it wasn't about hell and it didn't have anything to do with my brother and his girlfriend.

Ook, I think my comparison is entirely lost now.
ms. mac
August 16, 2005   09:54 AM PDT
Oh dear Phil! I'm not sure I should be laughing but I am!

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