Entry: SciFi is better than Fox Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Anyone who's paid attention to my links in the sidebar knows that I'm a Firefly fan (the best gorram sci-fi show ever made).  And, as such, it is my opinion that September 30 can not get here fast enough (that's when Serenity hits theaters, for you folks oblivious to cool stuff).  Now, for you deprived souls who missed Firefly before the retards at Fox cancelled it, the SciFi channel is airing the entire series (yes, all 15 episodes, as far as I know) during the run-up to the movie release.  Friday nights, right before Battlestar: Galactica.  Downside is that they're airing it fullscreen for some reason, rather than widescreen as it was shot.  Oh well . . . I have the DVDs, so it's no worry for me.  Last week was the premiere (first half, anyhow), so if you tune in now you won't miss much.  And for those who do tune in this Friday, you'll be in for an extra special treat.  A new (yes, new) trailer for Serenity will be shown between 7:45 - 8:00.  The first trailer can be viewed here.  It's so shiny.

"Sure as I know anything, I know this--I aim to misbehave."  --Mal Reynolds, Captain of Serenity


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