Entry: Dreamscape Thursday, May 19, 2005

I usually don't remember my dreams.  Only the really scary or weird ones.  And man, last night was a weird one.  I was back in high school, with Froot Loop (who, in reality, was in around the first grade when I graduated) and a bunch of other people I didn't know (in the dream, we were all friends, but I have no clue where my subconscious pulled these people from).  Every single one of us won a cat in a school raffle, which cost us $100 a ticket.  Now there's no way I'm going to enter a raffle to win a cat, let alone one that costs money.  And for $100 I damn well better be winning a car or house or something similar.  Not a friggin cat.  So after spending a bunch of money and winning a cat I didn't want, I decide to find a good home for it.  There I am, sending out e-mails and posting on Internet bulletin boards (even the pervert ones), using my laptop, while drag racing Froot Loop in matching Ford Pintos (dont' worry, we always stopped at every red light).  And no one wanted to adopt the cat because there was a stipulation that it had to be named Crewciferous (I had to sign a contract when I won, stating that I would name the cat this and if it was ever known by any other name, I would lose my soul for a year). 

I'm not sure how things worked out in the dream, because at that point I was jolted awake by my dog coughing and hacking, acting like he was going to puke on my slippers.  But I'm not sure I really want to know what happened next, cuz up to that point it was freaky enough.  Interestingly, it's the second really strange dream I've had that involved Froot Loop (and no you pervs, there was no sex involved in either dream!).  Maybe I can find a way to blame her if the dreams end up driving me insane.  Or, more insane than I am.  Or (worst case scenario), the dreams drive me sane.


May 20, 2005   08:07 PM PDT
Crewciferous? Bwahahahahahaahahahaha. Best dream ever.
May 19, 2005   07:32 PM PDT
I think i skipped dinner. but can't remember for sure right now. Maybe that explains the dream lol
May 19, 2005   06:22 PM PDT
"Every single one of us won a cat in a school raffle, which cost us $100 a ticket."

I'm still giggling at that one...what did you eat before you went to sleep???

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