Entry: Kudos to Sac Saturday, May 07, 2005

Speaking as a hunter and a sportsman, I was very happy to see this article.  The idea of using a remote controlled camera and gun to shoot animals thousands of miles away and calling it "sport" is disgusting.  Of course, I also tend to frown on those "hunters" who sit in a blind or tree stand all day long waiting for an animal to come up to their feeder/bait . . . that's not hunting, it's an ambush.  But, I digress.  I hope the ban on killing animals via the Internet gets implemented quickly here in Cali, and that more states follow suit.


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September 30, 2012   07:45 AM PDT
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May 9, 2005   07:34 AM PDT
I hope it is banned also, and I am glad to hear that NC (where I am) might do it too.

Michele sent me.
S. Faolan Wolf
May 7, 2005   03:57 PM PDT
Was going to write about this, in fact, started a post but trashed it because I'm not a hunter so thought maybe I didn't have enough information but I thought just as you do: This is not sport. This is like playing a video game and video gaming is not sport. While I was researching for the post, I discovered that North Carolina also finds it ludicrous and wants to ban it. And who knows, maybe Texas will get around to banning it as well despite that this guy lives in Texas.

Truly sickening. I hope more hunters feel the way you do and write in to their states to get it banned.
May 7, 2005   02:20 PM PDT
I agree! I use this illustration:
<i>Let's say I lose my keys and <b>hunt</b> for them. Do I set out bait and crouch behind the couch waiting for them to come out? NO! I move stuff, I get on my hands and knees, I track them down, etc. That is hunting.</i>
ms. mac
May 7, 2005   10:02 AM PDT
Oh so do I! That's shocking!

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