Entry: A reality show and surreality Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Wow, what is with you people?  How can so many of you not know who Desi Lydic is?  Didn't any of you watch William Shatner's smash hit TV mini-event Invasion Iowa??  I am shocked.  Dismayed, even.  You culturally deprived individuals, you.  lol

On an unrelated note.  They say we all have a twin somewhere in the world.  I'm not exactly sure who "they" are, but if they say it then there must be some validity to it, right?  Have you ever seen any evidence of this?  Like, seeing twins who weren't twins.  I don't mean paternal twins, who shared a womb but don't look alike.  I've met plenty of those.  I mean two people who aren't related but look exactly alike.  Yesterday, I experienced such a sight.  Well, sort of.  There I was, doing my grocery shopping, minding my own business, when Llama Girl walked right past me.  Now this was extremely odd, because as some of you may know, Llama Girl lives in Florida and I in California.  So seeing her walking through a local grocery store was quite unexpected.  Of course, she was dressed out of her norm, and had shorter hair, that was blonde, and had somehow gone back in time to when she was, like, 15.  But I swear it was her!!  It was quite surreal.


April 21, 2005   03:51 AM PDT
ooooorr maybe you're just seeing llama girl in everybody else's faces. sometimes people in love do that. are you in love with her? :D
April 21, 2005   03:50 AM PDT
I don't know about having the same face with someone...but so far I haven't been told I look like someone. :)
April 20, 2005   03:51 PM PDT
I had a twin at the university where I did my undergrad eons ago. Then she got a job at the front desk of my dorm, and stopped me one day to ask me if I was me. She had been getting random hugs from people she didn't know, followed by huge apologies. And apparently, my ass looks like some else's... Come visit me to read more about that one. lmao
April 20, 2005   10:05 AM PDT
(stops laughing for a minute) Yeah Phil, you could meet yourself....Imagine that! I'm back HAHAHAHA and the neighborhood is just fine....
April 19, 2005   08:50 PM PDT
Well, from my understanding of relativity, you wouldn't meet yourself. As you approach the speed of light, time and matter become "stretched". So, from your perspective, you'd be travelling into the future, not the past, hence you wouldn't be able to meet yourself since there'd still only be one of you at any point in the time-line. Now, theoretically, that all goes to pot once you've achieved FASTER than light speed. Einstein's formulas demonstrate that travelling at EXACTLY the speed of light is theoretically impossible, since you get a divide by zero. But travelling faster produces the square root of a negative, which is mathematically okay, considering imaginary numbers.
April 19, 2005   08:35 PM PDT
I see you have an Einstein quote over in your right column. Since you are a fan (I'm assuming here), maybe <i>they</i> are the chosen ones who understand all that relativity stuff and know that if you just happened to be travelling at close to the speed of light you could meet yourself! Just a suggestion ;)

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