Entry: Just plain freaky Sunday, March 20, 2005

My first year away at college, I stayed in the dorms.  I had such lovely roommates . . . a thief, a drug addict, and a non-English speaker who insisted on singing Madonna songs while studying until 5 am.  But they have nothing to do with this story.

One night as I settled into bed to try and get some sleep (this was during the thief roommate stage, so I wasn't wearing the earplugs as per standard with the Madonna lover).  Before I got fully settled, I felt a tickling accross my neck, over my cheek and into my ear.  Yep, right on into my ear.  After spending quite a bit of time trying to extract the annoying little pest with methods such as tweezers, Q-tips, and water I slowly calmed down and realized that all my efforts were probably driving the thing deeper.  So, I spent the night watching TV in stunned silence, hoping the most annoying arachnid ever would soon cooperate. 

It finally did, around 6 am.  Just as I was about to give in and doze off, I felt a commotion in my ear canal opening.  Then the tickling returned, leading from my ear, accross my cheek, and **SMACK**.  I grabbed the fu--, er, um, annoyance, threw him to the floor and promptly stomped on it.  Then ran to the bathroom in a panic to get the icky spider guts off my bare foot.

When I told my friends about a spider spending the night in my ear, the general response was "OMG!  That is wrong on so many levels."  I have to concur.  But interesting, you'd think that spiders would stop messing with me, since all three of the most confrontational encounters I've had with spiders have resulted in death (obviously not mine).

But as horrifying as these incidents were, they still don't explain my arachnaphobia.  Reinforce it, absolutely.  But whatever caused it (if anything at all) must have happened long before.  It is a mystery I'll probably never solve, and probably don't want to, since trying always results in me vividly recalling disgusting and terrifying events such as the ones I've just described.


March 21, 2005   03:18 PM PST
Phil: That is about the grossest thing I have heard all day! You must have been pretty tired to have ignored the spider through the night. I would have been putting my head under water! LOL
March 21, 2005   03:00 AM PST
eewwww! i am afraid too of spiders. the room is too small for me and a spider (even a teeny weeny bit one). if that'll happen to me (oh please no) i'll probably scream my head off and head to the nearest hospital (that is if i can still walk, my fear might paralyze me).
March 20, 2005   09:28 PM PST
I am so glad I read this way way way after dinner. Icky poo.
March 20, 2005   02:12 PM PST
Yup, that's almost as bad as my spider crawling into my mouth story. Ick. I hate spiders...
ms. mac
March 20, 2005   02:11 PM PST
Awwww, <i>yuk!</i> with all the spider stories! Who's evil now?
March 20, 2005   10:20 AM PST
Ewwww. I do not even want to imagine what insects violate my body at night. Ewwww.
Ryan Scott
March 20, 2005   08:26 AM PST
In your ear, man that's just horrible, now I'm going to have nightmares everytime I feel something with my ear, that's just too freaky.

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