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Saturday, October 03, 2009
Back in time

2009 - Washing Well Wenches 5I took a bit of a break from studying today. Well, actually, it's probably more accurate to say I took a break from taking a break from studies. I've been slacking a lot this semester--have to fix that. Anyway, it's that time of year where cute girls put on bodices and manly men wear their swords in public. I am, obviously, talking about the annual Northern California Renaissance Faire. It's a rather entertaining way to spend the day (though expensive, since there are a bunch of shops with cool things), so I usually try to head out one day each season. All of the usual favorites were there, such as Moonie and Broon and various preferred vendors. And this year I was introduced (using the term loosely, unfortunately) to the hilariously entertaining antics of the Washing Well Wenches, represented by Dotti and Ruby (who, I might add, are quite cute despite the stage personae). The whole day was quite a pleasant little distraction. Though now I am further behind in my studies. Oh well. The bodices made it all worth it.

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