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Wednesday, July 08, 2009
Such a day

Recently, my cell phone has been having issues. It randomly decides to turn off. Initially, I thought that it my fault . . . not paying attention to the battery level and forgetting to charge it. But yesterday it up and turned off, even while saying it had half a charge. I plugged it in anyway, and let it fully charge. Within five minutes after turning it back on, it died again. After being off (and unplugged) all night long, this morning it showed 3/4 charge. I need to take the thing in, because I think it's got a short somewhere.

When I got home from work today I had two other lovely surprises. The first being that a family of feral cats has taken up residence under my deck. I know this because when I opened my back door to let some fresh air in, one of them (who had been sunning itself on my deck) darted underneath. Then I noticed something furry in Duncan's doghouse. Since it was gray, I knew it wasn't him. Plus, he's living at my parents' house now since I'm working & going to school. As I approached, a second cat darted out of the house & under the deck. It was a youngling . . . not quite sure I'd call it a "kitten" but definitely not old enough to be an adult. Which means it's probably got brothers & sisters. Oh joy.

As I approached the doghouse to make sure there were no additional furballs in there, I happened to notice wet ground. Right outside the area where my water heater is. Upon further inspection I discovered (you guessed it) that my water heater has sprung a rather serious leak. Water was gushing out. So, I will have to be taking a cold shower in the morning, and hope the plumber is able to replace it tomorrow afternoon as indicated.

Theoretically, bad things happen in threes. So I'm hopefully good for a while. But I really don't need this kind of shit right now, what with a major research paper due on Tuesday & finals in less than 2 weeks.

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