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Friday, May 22, 2009
Where no one has gone before

So, I finally got around to seeing Star Trek today. I will say that I was definitely satisfied with the flick. Obviously, Zachary Quinty was perfectly cast as Spock. Most of the other casting was also well done, though contrary to what seems to be popular opinion, Karl Urban's performance as McCoy/Bones was rather disappointing, in my opinion. I felt he was trying a bit too hard to mimic DeForest Kelley's portrayal of the character, which came across as "forced." But just my opinion. The movie would have likely been much more entertaining for me personally had it not been for one particular scene (those who have seen the movie and who are aware of certain recent events in my life will likely know to what I am referring). But, overall, a fun romp.

Word of advice, though . . . try to get seated after the previews have rolled. Believe you me, you'll be better off avoiding the agony of the G.I. Joe trailer.

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