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Saturday, March 07, 2009
Random tidbits

I've been trying to avoid the fast food for a little while now. Unfortunately, today I succumbed to a burger & fries because of time constraints. I still find it completely amazing that people at these places can not do simple math. Handing over a $10 to pay for my $6.45 meal, the cashier accidentally hit the "exact change" button (or whatever). He tried using his fingers to calculate the change. Then called a co-worker over to help him figure it out, who had just as much trouble as he did. Not wanting to wait all day for my change, I gave them the answer ($3.55), which they showed skepticism at. Eventually, they decided to cancel the transaction and try again. Honestly, if I hadn't been so hungry at that point, I would have told them rather than trying again to just give me my $10 back and I'd go somewhere else.
I've been slacking off a lot lately when it comes to school. And it's really not good. Sadly, it is primarily due to my job & situations surrounding my job. Since I go to school at night, the main study time I have is on the weekends. But when the weekend comes, it usually takes me until late Saturday (at the earliest) to unwind, relax, and build up the mental capacity to focus on the readings. This is irritating me quite a bit, which of course is causing the problem to snowball. Hopefully I get it together before it's too late for finals.
Speaking of work, there is entirely too much drama there lately. People have frequently complained about the "high school" behavior and attitude. Honestly, I think that's being generous at this point. There is so much backstabbing, petty infighting, nit-picking, hanging in cliques, gossip, and otherwise childish behavior that I think high school would be a step up.
In the last few months I've gotten back in the habit of doing light workouts. Since I don't have the time to go to an actual gym, I just do some light weights, push-ups, etc. at home. At least it's something. But I think I screwed my shoulder up somehow. Plus, I need to start incorporating cardio.
While cleaning up around the house today I stumbled across some pictures of me & K. This has caused mixed feelings. Honestly, I thought I had gotten rid of them all, and part of me was kinda glad to find them. That was a happy time in my life that I think would be good to remember. But the flip side is that it also reminds me of how crappy my current life is, and how I miss her.
Duncan is doing pretty well. Since I'm pretty much gone from 7:30am until 10:00pm on most weekdays, he spends the week over at my parents' house, and comes back with me on the weekends. He gets plenty of company and attention over there, what with my folks home most of the day and their 3 other dogs. Yeah, they went from a 1 dog household to 4 dogs . . . one more consequence of my sister's passing. Dunc tries to keep up with the other dogs as best he can (they're all about 1/3 his age), but it does take its toll a bit. And I think he enjoys the slow, lazy days (for him) of the weekend here at my house where he can relax and recoup.

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