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Thursday, March 05, 2009
Dirty pool

No, I did not get a pool. No, I do not have a pool that is dirty. I do not have a pool at all. I do not need one, even if I had the space and money to install one. But that's beside the point. One of my instructors was a bit sneaky and underhanded last night. How else do you explain him hanging out in the student breakroom with his daughter and boxes upon boxes of Girl Scout Cookies? I mean, what do you think a student's reaction is going to be when his professor sees him walking down the hall and shouts out "Hi Phil!" while waiving a box of Thin Mints? Well, hypothetically speaking, of course. Since, really, the situation was Phil sitting in classroom overhearing other students mentioning Girl Scout Cookies in the lounge and a bee-line being made with cash in hand not at all knowing who the seller was. But I'm sure you get the point anyway.

Disclaimer on the off-chance that my professor or other students see this: Yes, it is meant as tongue-in-cheek with no actual irritation or annoyance or disapproval so please don't hold it against my grade.

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