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Friday, February 20, 2009
Waste of time

I interviewed for a promotion today. Within an hour after interviewing, I received the dreaded HR call stating it went to someone else. Now, I knew ahead of time that I wasn't going to get it--weeks ago, really--because it has become painfully clear that I will not be allowed to leave the department I'm in. And so while I am not disappointed in not being selected, the fact that they made several people (including myself) go through the rigamarole of interviews and applications when it is painfully obvious that they knew well ahead of time who they were going to select is rather irritating. They could have at least pretended that the interviews mattered, and that it wasn't just a complete and utter waste of our time. But, I should be used to it by now . . . that's the kind of B.S. that goes on there.

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