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Saturday, January 31, 2009
Return of the BotM

It occurred to me that it has been entirely too long since my last Babe of the Month entry. Almost 2 years, as a matter of fact. Which is really neglectful of me. There have been plenty of loveliness during that period, just too many distractions to post about it. But, I have decided that it is high time to revive the tradition, and will endeavor to declare a BotM each month from here on out. At least until such time as I don't.

I had a little bit of trouble selecting someone this month. I shall not reveal all of the candidates, because I may wish to use them in later entries. But suffice to say it was a close race. But without further ado, here's the lucky lady. I'm not much of a fan of House. The acting is fine, and I'm not against medical dramas in general. It's just the whole show seems to be centered around a group of supposedly brilliant doctors who constantly run around like chickens with their heads cut off taking almost random guesses at the patients' conditions, hoping to get lucky by not killing the patient with the wrong treatment. But that's not the point here. While channel surfing a few weeks ago, I paused for a short while on this show. The patient in this particular episode (from what I gathered--didn't pay too close attention) appeared to be an architect who had some kind of vision problems. What caught my attention was how familiar she looked. And cute. Despite the hospital gown & tubes & general "not meant to look pretty because she's in grave medical danger" appearance. And then it hit me. It was Codex from The Guild! For those unfamiliar with The Guild . . . well, if you're familiar with WoW (World of Warcraft) or other on-line gaming societies, you'll love it.

Besides being absolutely gorgeous, Felicia Day is a fabulous actress, and is especially wonderful at playing the quirky, nerdy, adorable type. Seriously, I'm totally in love with her character of Codex. Doesn't she have the most adorable smile? So any way, enjoy the beautietousness of Ms. Day. And hope you enjoy the return of BotM.

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