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Friday, January 16, 2009
Finally Friday

It's been a tough week. Lots of stress. Plenty of drama. But I'm not going to go into it here. I did get some good news a couple days ago, though. We got our mid-term grades back and I am quite happy. I got the highest grade in the class on one exam, and did better than I expected in the other two. Definite room for improvement, but I passed with plenty of breathing room. So quite happy on that front. Now I just have to avoid getting cocky, since the finals will be tougher.

Had a very long day yesterday. My employer sent me to a training class in San Fran. This required a 2+ hour drive up, 6 hour training, then a 3 hour drive back down (traffic sucks). And then it was off to school for another couple hours. But I got some really good information, and probably learned more about the concepts of my new assignment in that 6 hours than I did in the week long "training" I had on the job. Not too terribly surprising, that.

Hurray for a three day weekend.

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