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Saturday, January 03, 2009
Mmmm K

I noticed something a tad bit interesting the other day. Well, interesting to me, at least. A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked what type of girl I generally like. I said I really didn't have a set "type" but that I usually am attracted to the cute, quiet ones. But that's not the interesting part. In thinking about the girls I've been attracted to (not just "find pretty", but genuinely attracted to) over the past 10 years or so I noticed a different pattern. I seem to be drawn, for some inexplicable reason, to girls who's name starts with a "hard C" or "K" sound. Not exclusively, mind you. But a significant number . . . Christine (twice), Christina (twice), Khalisa, Ki'ni, Kelly, Kristin, Carmen, Karla, Kristal, Claire, Kalyn. So 13 ladies with "K" sound names. By contrast, in that same time frame, there have been only 4-5 non-"K" girls. Does anyone else find that a little odd?

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