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Thursday, December 18, 2008
Party hardy

Liz, Lili, MeMy department "holiday party" was earlier this week. We all went out to Chevy's (at our own expense . . . heaven forbid they actually pay for employees enjoyment) and did a little ornament gift-exchange game thing. Initially, I wasn't planning on going. But on Monday I was informed by a couple co-worker/friends that I was indeed going. Additionally, they were courteous enough to let me know that they were going to be graciously allowing me to buy them a drink. Honestly, I didn't put up much of a fight. They're damn good friends--better than I deserve, I think. They're pretty much the main thing keeping me from going postal at work some times, so it's not like I could really say no to them anyway. Like it or not, they really are my favorite co-workers (but don't tell them that, because Li'l's ego is big enough as is). Anywho, overall I had a good time. I need to socialize more, and these friends are good to hang out with.

Yesterday, a little story about that night was relayed to me, and I just have to share . . . it kind of demonstrates what I've had to put up with, I think. I snapped a couple pictures with my camera phone. While I don't really like the quality of the camera, the phone itself is pretty cool. It's the model Tony Stark uses in Iron Man. So, a couple people wanted to see it. For the default wallpaper, I use a picture of the deer antlers I got on my last trip to Colorado. The boyfriend of one of my co-workers took interest in this, and talked with me a little about hunting. While we were talking, the following conversation took place between his girlfriend & two of the department supervisors . . .

Co-worker: He's really into hunting. Right now he has a rabbit and quail in my freezer.
{boyfriend returns to his seat}
Co-worker: I was just telling them about how you like hunting.
Supervisor #1: She told us what you did to that poor bunny.
Supervisor #2: Yeah, and that whale.
Supervisor #1: She said "quail"--like, the bird.
Supervisor #2: Oh! That makes more sense. I was trying to figure out how he fit it in the freezer.

And it should be noted that Supervisor #2 was drinking soda. Plain soda. Probably diet. But nothing mixed. And this is who leads us on a daily basis.

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