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Saturday, June 14, 2008
Mean & green

I felt like some completely mindless action & destruction lately. So today I wandered out and caught a showing of The Incredible Hulk. And it didn't disappoint in the mindless action & destruction department. The good news is that this installment completely ignores the last one, has more action (which, let's face it, is what the Hulk is all about), and pays some very cool homage to the old 1970's TV show that brought the big green guy out of the comic book pages. Lou Ferrigno (the TV Hulk) not only shows up in a cameo as a security guard, but also provides the voice of Hulk for his very few lines. We see a short clip of Bill Bixby (RIP), the original Dr. Banner, and even the TV show's theme music is heard in at least one scene. Banner even uses the alias of "David B." at one point, referencing the TV character's name change. The cgi was decent, but the technology is not quite there yet to provide a convincing cgi character--and in several of the scenes Hulk's head seemed disproportionately small and silly.

As I stated above, this one totally discounts events in the first movie, which also means it's been completely re-cast. Edward Norton does a more convincing job as Bruce Banner than did Eric Bana, and Sam Elliott is nicely replaced by William Hurt. Sadly, the stunningly wonderful Jennifer Connelly has been replaced by very-pretty-but-not-quite-the-same-level-of-gorgeousness Liv Tyler. The fight sequences involving Hulk, particularly the battle with Abomination, were well choreographed but a bit too chaotic--camera angles, movement, edits, etc.--a limitation of the cgi technology that made those scenes a bit hard to follow visually.

Of course, the best news is that this means I am a mere one movie short (until the release of The Dark Knight) of my life goal. And it offered close to 2 hours of distraction, which was nice.

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