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Sunday, May 04, 2008
Waggy walk

Hi everyone! This is Duncan. Dad had a very long day today and is tired. Plus I know he doesn't type things here often enough. So I'm being a good dog and typing this myself to help him out and give you something to read. Yesterday was very exciting! Dad and the Pretty Girl took me and my pal Sammi to the Wag 'n' Walk. I did lots and lots of both! We walked much farther than any of us are used to but that's ok because it was fun and exercisitious. There were lots of other dogs around so in addition to the walking I got to do lots of butt sniffing. And there were plenty of other people around too who all loved me and said how pretty I was and petted me and gave me treats. Sammi and I took turns walking Dad and the Pretty Girl, pulling each one for a while then switching off. And we even happened to bump into some people Dad used to work with a long, long time ago. I met them once before when I was a itty bitty puppy, and they were, of course, thrilled to see me again. OH and I got a brand new green bandana to wear and a new tennis ball even!!!!

I also wanted to personally thank all of you who sponsored us on the walk. Dad said we raised $260. That sounds like a really big number. I mean, I'm almost 13 years old and people keep saying that's a long time. 260 is a much bigger number so that must be really impressive. I had lots and lots of fun and I'm going to tell Dad that we need to do it again next year. If I can remember that long. Maybe they should do it more often, so I don't forget.

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