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Sunday, April 27, 2008
Chicken dinner!

Those who have seen 21 will understand that title. I saw the movie last night, and it gets a marginal thumbs up. Over all, it was fun and entertaining. Which, let's face it, is the entire reason for movies in the first place. However there were some problems in the way the characters' system was portrayed. The fact that casinos report large winnings to the IRS as income (as opposed to letting you walk out the door with hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash free & clear). Or the fact that the pit bosses and security people would have noticed that the "high roller" was always sharing a table with one of 2-3 other specific individuals every time. Most annoying to me, however, was the scene near the beginning, when "Ben" first drew the attention of his teacher in class . . . the scene with the "pretend game show", where Ben was completely, 100% wrong in his analysis of probability.

Totally unrelated: I'm watching a news segment on hand models at the moment. Oh. My. God. Those people are so incredibly full of themselves. I thought David Duchovny's portrayal in Zoolander was just a fabrication, but there really are people like that!

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