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Sunday, April 06, 2008
Sailing the Seven Seas

leaving the marinaWell, maybe not so much the seven seas, but sailing on water nonetheless. The Privateer Lynx pulled into Monterey Bay earlier this week. The Lynx is a replica of a privateer ship from the War of 1812, and is traveling up the California coast, stopping at various points along the way to offer dockside tours and sailing excursions. Obviously, there was a conscious decision not to partake in the sailing portion of things so as not to repeat a chumming of the waters. But, some friends, my girl & I enjoyed checking the ship out and watching it sail out into the Bay from a safe location on solid ground (actually, technically, it motored out into the Bay, then deployed sails for a slightly more authentic mode of propulsion). It was quite an entertaining day. I only wish we had had the foresight to choose a better location from which to observe the sailing out in the Bay portion of things . . . our perch was a bit far away and on the other side of the marina which meant a lot of other masts were somewhat blocking the view.

Feel free to wander over here to see the rest of the pics.

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