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Monday, March 24, 2008
Yesterday, today, tomorrow

Well, not so much today. But yesterday was Easter, in case you hadn't noticed. Mine was okay, though nothing spectacular. Dinner with the family and such. There has been much too much chocolate around me lately (which is a problem because it doesn't hang around long). There are numerous people at work who keep candy bowls. I think I've gained at least 5 pounds since Christmas just due to chocolate. Bastards. But I hope y'all had a happy and festive Easter (or a perfectly fine Sunday, for those who don't celebrate it), and that you are not equally overdosing on chocolaty goodness like me.

Tomorrow, my girl is having a minor surgery. No, it does not involve any "augmentations" (thank God!). Her mom is in from out of town, to look after her for the week while she recovers. Which is fine, since her mom is cool peeps. Tangent: Where you aware that if you stick a toothpick in a Peep and microwave it, the toothpick will shoot out like a bullet? Turns out, Peep wars are rather popular in my girl's family. Although she tried to demonstrate with some bunny Peeps and it didn't work, so apparently it only works with the yellow chick Peeps. So I'm told. I still haven't confirmed this. Anyway, it's just a minor surgery, but she's still worried about it a bit (which is natural). So, send any excess good vibes over to help calm her nerves, por favor.

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