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Saturday, March 15, 2008
Not so smooth sailing

Gray whale 2This morning my girl & I got adventurous and headed out for a bit of whale watching. There have been a few orca sightings in the area over the past month, so we were hopeful that our timing was good. Not so much. Sadly, we (or, more accurately, I) chose a day that turned out to have somewhat uncooperative weather. It rained slightly, which wasn't so bad. But the wind and cold made things lean towards miserable. Much shivering occurred, as well as plenty of sea sickness to go around (honestly, I would guess that close to half the boat got sick as some point during the trip). These conditions of course made it rather difficult to get any kind of decent pictures (the few I have can be seen here). Sea lions abounded, along with many various birds (including a few albatrosses, which was kinda neat). But no orcas. We saw several gray whales, however, which made the trip enjoyable. And obviously our three-hour-tour was infinitely more successful than that of the S.S. Minnow. Maybe we'll try again in a few months, when the humpbacks are in town.

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