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Sunday, January 27, 2008
Sucker guns

Years and years ago, a friend of mine had this idea. He thought that every licensed driver should be issued a gun. Not a bang-bang-kill-you-in-a-drive-by gun, mind you. His idea called for a gun that would shoot a powerful magnet with a red flag attached to it. The plan being that any time you saw another driver doing something stupid and/or illegal, you'd shoot his car. If a cop saw any car with 3 or more red flags, he would pull the car over & write them a ticket. Today, I decided to not only continue my support for this plan, but to start publicizing it.

I was driving back from the store. The road I was on has 3 lanes in each direction. I occupied the middle lane . . . there's a long stretch of fast food joints along that road, so staying in the right lane generally means frequent stops as people pull in/out of the fast food parking lots, but shortly after that stretch I need to make a right turn so I don't want to stay in the left lane. I'm logical like that. Anyhow, my turn is coming up, so I put on my turn signal to change lanes. There's a pickup in the right lane, but well enough back to not be a problem. He & I have been cruising along at the same pace for the last few blocks. Wanna know what he did as soon as my turn signal lit up? He accelerated. Yep, cut me off completely. Now normally, I would have gunned it and whipped over ahead of him. But it was pouring rain. I don't like driving in the rain. So instead, I waited for him to pass. Which he didn't do. No, once he had accelerated to pull alongside me, he once again resumed his previous speed. Which was the same speed I was going. Asshole. So, I simply slowed down a bit and slotted in behind him. Wanna know what happened then? He stopped, so he could make a very slow right turn into one of the aforementioned fast food joints. Now, if he hadn't sped up, but just let me move over when I had originally wanted, it would not have prevented him in the slightest from pulling into that parking lot. Wouldn't have slowed him down one bit. He did what he did just to be a friggin' asshole. And I so wished I had a red-flag gun at that moment.

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