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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Earlier this week my kitchen light stopped working. Obviously, my first instinct was that the bulb had burned out, so I replaced it. But it still didn't work. I tried another bulb, just to make sure. But it still didn't work. Unfortunately, by the time I get home during the week, it's just dark enough to where there wasn't enough light coming into the kitchen to work by, so figuring out the problem had to wait until today.

This morning I took a look at what was going on. Now, based on past experience with me & home repairs/upgrades, I of course took proper safety precautions. This involved going to the circuit breaker & turning off power to the kitchen. I even verified power was off by checking the microwave & fridge, both of which had no power. I then took the switch out of the wall for an examination and quickly determined that the failure was due to a loose wire. A few minutes of adjusting wires & tightening screws, and the switch was back in the wall. So I flipped it to the "on" position. And suddenly things were bright. So I nodded to myself in acknowledgment of a job well-done. Until I realized that I hadn't yet turned the kitchen power back on. Yeah, turns out that particular light is actually on the front room circuit. Which makes perfect sense since everything else in the kitchen, including an outlet on the very same wall is all on the kitchen circuit.

I'm actually rather shocked (no pun intended--well, maybe a little) that I didn't get zapped, considering I grabbed the "hot" wire a few times bare handed. Only thing I can figure is that the rubber soles of my shoes are better than I thought, plus the linoleum floor, prevented very bad things from happening.

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