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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Miss me?

Yes, I'm back. Actually, I got back late Saturday night. But between unloading the trucks, unpacking, doing laundry, cleaning various gear, picking up Duncan (and dealing with the subsequent hyperactive reunion), and catching up on sleep, I'm finally getting around to updating the blog.

Me & my deerOverall, the trip was good. There's a new Cabela's store in Reno, though it opened a few days after we went through--doh! So we had to make due with the one in Lehi, UT. As you can see by the pic, I bagged a pretty darn nice deer. Wonderful shot, too, if I do say so myself. Everyone in the group got their deer (mine was the biggest--yes I'll brag on that). But the elk were less cooperative. Temperatures ranged from around 20F in the morning to around 65 in the afternoons. That upper temp is much too high for the elks' liking, and they laid pretty low. In our group of 12, we wound up with only 2 bulls and 2 cows (elk, that is--not the cattle on the ranch). We even stayed a day longer than originally planned, hoping to bag a few more before heading home. That plan didn't work. The folks at the meat locker said it was the worst season in about 10 years for elk. Anywho, I still had fun. Hopefully next year it'll be snowy & cold, even though I know I won't be going again for a while.

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