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Saturday, August 18, 2007
Tidbits & morsels

Conversation overheard (and participated in) during lunch at work:

"You know what movie is really good? Momento."
"I really liked What Dreams May Come"

I know this may not appear to be all that interesting. But bear in mind that everyone in the room heard "wet" instead of "what", and one girl heard "make me" instead of "may". Use your imagination from there.
Emily got a promotion. I'm happy for her. But it means that soon she'll be relocating her desk to the other side of the department. Days will be so much less entertaining. Oliver moved out of our little unit some time ago. Don't get me wrong--I like my other direct co-workers. But it's going to be so much different without either of them.
I think a new law passed here in California requiring people to disengage their brains while driving. Maybe it's not a new law, because there have been plenty of stupid drivers here for a while. But maybe they're enforcing it more or something because a much larger than usual portion of the public are following it.
Remember the ruined shirt issue? Another shirt bit the dust. Turns out my washing machine has a grease leak. I should be cleaning my garage right now so that I can remove the old washer and find a new one. But I'm procrastinating. It's one of the things I do well. And it has resulted in me actually blogging, which doesn't happen enough.
While going through some old files at work yesterday I came across a couple names I recognized. "Hey," I said to myself (loud enough for the people around me to hear). "I went to high school with this girl. Pretty sure she was Homecoming Queen." A few minutes later . . . "Hey, I remember this guy, too. He & I worked together in high school." It's somewhat amazing how many names I recognize like that. I realize this probably means nothing to most of you, since I have so far refused to reveal where I work & what I do. But for those of you who know, you understand it's entertainment value.
I'm once again contemplating relocation. For the most part, I enjoy my job. And it'll be a little easier to follow my career change plan here locally than if I move out of state. But more frustrations & annoyances are appearing at my office, and there's always the issue of whether or not I can afford to stay in the area. I'll probably make a decision within the next few months. But as mentioned before, I'm really good at that procrastination thing.

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