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Saturday, August 11, 2007

The other day I was having lunch in the break room. One of my co-workers was reading the newspaper. She suddenly turned to me and asked "Is Hilary Clinton running for President?" I was a little shocked that someone didn't know the answer, since you can't hardly turn on the TV, surf the Internet or read a paper without seeing something about that. But what about knocked me over was her follow up statement: "I didn't think a woman could be President." And she was dead serious. Now, this girl isn't stupid. She may not be Mensa material, but she's got more than a few synapses firing. Point is, our educational system here sucks. It sucks worse than I've always thought.

We've been trying to hire a File Clerk for some time. Now, a File Clerk does precisely what it sounds like . . . they file things. Specifically, this person pulls files that are needed, and puts files back in their appropriate place when done. The recruitment states that a high school diploma or GED is required. It also requires a written exam. Supposedly, in order to even take the exam, a person's application must first be reviewed by HR to make sure they meet the minimum requirements (such as the aforementioned high school diploma/GED). There were over 100 applicants who were asked to sit the exam. That means (theoretically) that all 100+ of those people had a high school diploma/GED. Only 20 passed the exam. That's over an 80% failure rate, in case you were wondering. Now, this test is, in my humble opinion, a joke. Anyone who was able to fill out the application should be able to pass this test. Let me give you a sample of the type of question this test includes:
If the following names are put in alphabetical order, which one would come SECOND?

1. Jones, Aaron
2. Smith, Robert
3. Gutierrez, Maria
4. Garcia, Alonzo
Does this seem overly difficult to anyone? All it's testing is your knowledge of the alphabet. It's not even asking you to spell words, or fix grammar, or do math. Granted, I think there are a few math questions, but they're super basic addition/subtraction . . . no division, no multiplication, no fractions, nothing even remotely complex. And it's not like the standards for passing the test are stringent . . . 70% or better. So tell me, how in the hell can someone have a high school diploma/GED and yet not be able to pass a test on the alphabet!?!?! How can someone with a high school diploma/GED think that women aren't even eligible to be President!?!? What good is our public education system if they're pumping out "graduates" with standards this low?

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