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Monday, August 06, 2007
Weekend happenings

Just a little update, since I had a more-interesting-than-usual weekend. On Saturday, after doing various boring household & yard chores, I decided to try once again to rectify the shirt situation. So, I wandered out to the store where I originally purchased said shirt (about a 30 minute drive, which is why I didn't do it before) to seek a replacement. There, I was informed that the particular shirt style of shirt (which included the color) was discontinued. Checking the clearance rack was no help. However, I did find another style of shirt that was close enough in color to work. And I grabbed a few other shirts to make the trip worthwhile. I also was informed that the source of the stains on the shirt in question (as well as one other) is most likely a grease leak in my washing machine. Oh joy.

Odd TreeMy folks were dog sitting for my sister this weekend, so they invited me & Duncan to go on an expedition with them up to Mount Madonna. I haven't been there in years (so long I don't actually recall ever going there). It was quite enjoyable. See that tree over there? It's a redwood. Now, I've seen plenty of redwoods in my day. But I don't recall ever seeing one with a "split" like this one had. About 20 feet up the trunk, it branched out into 3 distinct trunks. Not just branches--trunks. It reminded me very much of a saguaro cactus. Maybe the government is conducting some top secret experiments in cross breeding the two. Who knows?

White Fallow Deer buckWe also got to see the little herd of white Fallow Deer they have there. Including the bucks. Since it was relatively cool and overcast that day, they were wandering around in the open area, and coming right up to the fence for people to feed. They're so cute & tiny, aren't they?

All in all, a fairly good weekend. Except for the realization that I have to go washing machine shopping. Which incidentally involves cleaning out my garage so that I can get the old one out and a new one in. And probably heading over to my parents' house to do laundry in the meantime, since I really, really don't want to put my new, flashy, cool, awesome, slick shirts in my crappy, grease-leaking machine.

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