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Wednesday, July 18, 2007
How it goes

Here's a little story that kinda sums up how things go for me much of the time. I have this shirt. Well, actually, I have many shirts. But only one in particular is relevant to this story. It's a dress shirt, whose color I'm not entirely sure how to describe. It's not quite a plumb, not quite a burgundy. Deep wine, maybe? Hopefully, you get the idea. I picked it up a while back while shopping for new shirts for work. While I don't really know what to call the color, I really liked it. Thing is, I don't have any ties that really go well with it. There's one that's passable, but not great. So I've been seeking out a tie for a while.

My trip to Alsace included a plan to bring back a French or German tie as a souvenir (I have ones from Italy and China, so wanted to continue the collection), but I neglected to really think about that until we were at the airport for our return. I found a few ties there that I really liked, including one I thought might go well with the plumb/burgundy/wine shirt. However, I wasn't about to spent no 90 Euro on a tie. Sorry, ain't gonna happen. I don't care what name is attached to the thing, no tie is worth that much to me.

About a month ago, I scoured a local store (sale was going on) and purchased a few new ties. I needed a new blue one anyhow, and found a really nice black & red one that I thought might be acceptable for the target shirt. Um, nope. Doesn't go well at all. And of course, I don't really have any other shirt that goes well with that new tie. Okay, I take that back . . . it obviously goes fine with white, and I have a black one that wears it well (though I can't help but feel it gives me a slightly ominous appearance . . . black shirt, black & red tie).

A local men's clothing store is going out of business. So this past weekend I stopped in with the intent to find a tie for this shirt. That was the plan. One tie. What did I walk out with? Two ties. And a suit. Now, having two ties instead of just one isn't so bad. But a suit? I already have a suit. I've had need of wearing it, on average, about once a year. What the hell do I need another suit for?!?! Granted, I got a great deal. It was, like, 60% off the regular price. So that's good. But it'll probably sit in my closet unworn for the next decade. I'm an idiot at times.

But I actually found not only one, but two ties that went with the plumb/burgundy/wine shirt! I was very happy. When I got home, I held them up to the shirt, just to make absolutely certain (after being somewhat admonished by a salesman for not bringing the shirt in for a proper match), and they go splendidly. So all happy and giddy and excited about being able to wear my plumb/burgundy/wine shirt with a brand new tie on Monday, I make sure to give it a good ironing Sunday evening. And it's stained. I have no idea what happened to it, but it looks like some of the color bled, or something bled onto it in the washer. It's a splotchy, ugly looking yuckiness that's very apparent on both the front and back of the right upper arm. It's annoying as hell.

But hey, it seems like my life is kinda like that a lot lately.

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