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Saturday, June 23, 2007

The doctor I saw on Wednesday about the problems I've been having is a bit of a moron. Three weeks ago my regular doc referred me to him. After his initial exam, he essentially said "Gee, I dunno what's wrong. Take these meds and see me again in 3 weeks." Wednesday he essentially said "Gee, the meds didn't do anything? I'm stumped. Just take pain meds whenever you need it and maybe it'll fix itself." Yes, I'm searching for another doc.
Wanna know one of the many things I love about my current job? Overtime's not mandatory. If it's available, it's my choice to work it or not, and whether I want extra pay or comp time. Right now, I can decide on a day-by-day basis whether or not I want to work extra. Such a pleasant change from the completely unpaid 20-40 hours of forced overtime I used to put in.
"I came here to chew bubble gum and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubble gum." That's currently stuck in my head. Don't ask why. You don't want to know why. And if you know what that's from, then you'll know why you don't want to know why.
One of the "regular" girls came into the office the other day to drop off some paperwork. Emily was away from her desk, but her radio was playing. While the "regular" was waiting for me to process the paperwork & return her copies, she commented . . . "My God, does Emily really subject you to this garbage?"

"Sometimes," I respond. "It's been on this station all day."

"Well, it could be worse," she says. "She could be playing this." She picks up a Jackyl CD off Emily's desk and holds it up.

"Um, actually, that's mine. Emily said she'd never heard of them."

I think she hurt herself laughing.
I'm currently dog sitting for my folks. Every time I dog sit for them, Sammi (their dog) is guarantee that she'll puke on my carpet at least once.
I think I mentioned that I have a window seat at work. Not much of a view (unless you count the frequent lookers who wander past) but entertaining at times. Most the view is occupied by another building. The building in view is currently under construction, so completely closed off. I can see one of the main doors from my desk. There's red "DANGER" tape all around (though not actually blocking the door, since construction workers periodically use it). There's a GIGANTIC notice on the door stating the building is closed. I can't tell you how many people walk up to the door, stop, stare at the notice for several seconds as if reading it, then try to open the door anyway. When they realize it's locked, they read the notice again. Then try the door again just for good measure.
I caught my neighbor last night throwing bones & leftover bbq over my fence. I've suspected for quite some time that they've been tossing parts of their garbage into my yard, but had no proof. Last night, while going out to check on Sammi (who'd been outside an unusually long time) I saw a hand pop over the fence & heard several small yet hard objects hit the concrete. As soon as I made my presence known, I heard running feet & the slam of a door. Turning on a light, I saw copious amounts of bones & meat under where the hand had been. So, I tossed it back over. I need to find a new place to live. One that doesn't have assholes for neighbors.

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