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Thursday, May 24, 2007
Day 2

The next day was much better. After experiencing the excruciating pain of Strassbourg behind the wheel, we spent the morning wandering around the area on foot. This was a much more pleasant experience. Especially the Strassbourg Cathedral. Now, I've seen various cathedrals in the eastern US, as well as San Francisco. And don't get me wrong . . . they're very impressive. But they don't compare in any way to rounding a corner into the courtyard and confronting the gargantuan gothic masterpiece in Strassbourg.

Cathedral towerThe carvings, gargoyles, glass and everything are truly awe inspiring. Magnificent. I don't think I have the words to fully describe it. Spectacular.

After admiring the incredible architecture, we loaded up the car and braved the roadways once again. Once out of the city, back on the highway, stress levels went down and enjoyment went up. It was a short journey to our destination . . . the little village of Dambach-la-Ville. My great-grandmother was from there, and we actually still have cousins living there. They run a pair of bed & breakfasts as well as wineries (one for each generation there). Upon arrival, we discovered a slight problem, however. Since we hadn't informed anyone of our estimated arrival time, no one was home at the first B&B. After a few phone calls, we got hold of the second generation and so hung out with her until her folks got back.

Now, something you must understand about Alsacians (btw, Alsace is the region of France we were in, along the German border) is that they love their wine. And for good reason--it's fabulous. However, it's not exactly what we're used to. Upon arrival around 3:00 pm, we were greeted with a bottle of wine. Which, of course, we had to finish, because an unfinished bottle of wine is not acceptable. Then, with dinner, we went through another 5 bottles. Or was it 6? I don't really remember. All fabulous, of course. Dambach is a lovely little village as well. I think I want to move there. Really.

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