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Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Day 1

Sorry for the delay. Things have been busy. But, now I've got a chance to recap.

My folks spent about 2 weeks in Italy, then my brother & I flew over to join them in Frankfurt (that's Germany, btw). Honestly, the trip did not start out well. We left San Francisco at around 2:00 pm for the 10 hour plane ride. Now, I've never really been able to sleep on a plane--can't get comfortable. And sitting next to a guy who apparently had some kind of bladder issue that required him to visit the bathroom every 45 minutes or so didn't help. Upon arrival in Frankfurt at around 9:00 am, meeting up with the parents, and getting a car rented, we began the trek south-westerly towards France. Of course, after such a long ride, and being dead tired, driving wasn't the greatest. But the adventure of getting to drive the Autobahn compensated for that.

Me Driving the AutobahnWe stopped for a small bit of sightseeing and lunch, then journeyed on to Strassbourg where we would spend the night. Now, I must say that I completely, 100%, absolutely, without doubt hate driving in French cities. The streets are narrow, confusing, have odd signs, are frequented by maniac drivers and, in general, just don't agree with me. Of course, what made things worse was the fact that my mom (who made the hotel reservations) didn't know where the hotel was. Didn't have an address. Didn't have directions. So, yeah, not a spectacular start.

Stay tuned for further adventures . . . I'll update more tomorrow. Oh, and I've got a few pics uploaded over at Flickr, but am having some problems putting the rest up over in my Yahoo album. So, you'll have to make due with the small sampling for the time being. Sorry.

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