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Sunday, April 01, 2007

It is once again that fabulous time of the month. What time would that be? you ask? How can you not know what time it is? You're just pulling my leg, because I know you would never forget that it is Babe of the Month time again!

Remember several years back when Enterprise hit the air? No? I don't really blame you. It was the latest incarnation in the Star Trek universe, and while it was a good idea (taking place a century or so before the first series events, before the formation of the Federation of Planets and when humans were just getting their feet wet when it came to true space exploration/meeting new alien races), it never really took off. Many excuses were given, ranging from fickle fans, to over-saturation of Star Trek, to "consistency errors" introduced in the time line. Whatever the reason, it wasn't really such a huge loss when the show was canceled about half way through its intended 7-year run.

Flash forward to a few weeks ago (yes, I just told you to flash forward to the past . . . get over it). I've never been much of a Jeff Goldblum fan--he's not very versatile, and I usually find his standard portrayal somewhat annoying. But the concept of his new TV show, Raines intrigued me. And when I learned that the ever lovely Ms. Linda Park (the one truly memorable and worthwhile thing about Enterprise) would also be a regular, I figured it was definitely worth checking out. The show itself was actually rather good, and it's already earned me as a fan. If you get the chance, tune it in. And of course, Ms. Park in a police uniform . . . need I say more? Really, the only way it could be better is if she were wearing her uniform from the "In a Mirror, Darkly" episodes of Enterprise, with the exposed midriff. Wosza. (for the record, I tried to find an image of her in that uniform for this post, but couldn't locate a decent one).

Hopefully, we'll get to see her role expand soon. I doubt that'll happen, just because of the focus of the show. But one can always hope, yes? For she is always a pleasure to watch. And not just for the physical beauty, but for her acting skills as well. So join me in basking in Lovely Linda's loveliness, please.

And, on a completely unrelated and irrelevant note, it turns out Duncan is a better mouser than my parents' cat. I took him over to their house for a visit yesterday, and he surprised the bejeezes out of my mom by showing off the mouse tail hanging out of his mouth. Meanwhile, mice have been stealing food out of their cat's food dish for months, with the cat in the same room at the time. So, neener neener to you cat lovers.

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