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Thursday, March 01, 2007

I bet you thought I was going to miss my Babe of the Month entry, didn't you! What with my recent habit of only posting about once a week and usually on weekends. Well, I definitely couldn't let this slip by! It is much too important a topic, no? So, without further ado (adieu? adoo? add-eww?) . . .

I'm not that big a fan of The Rock. Wrestling was never that appealing to me, and while I thoroughly enjoyed The Mummy Returns, it's not like he actually contributed heavily to it. And I've had the mispleasure of seeing his performances in The Scorpion King and Rundown. But, I also checked out his remake of Walking Tall (though not quite as good as the original, but remakes usually aren't) and he did a pretty decent job. So, based on a co-worker's recommendation I opted to rent Gridiron Gang. It's a rather enjoyable movie . . . somewhat cliche and predictable at times, but fun nonetheless. And based on a true story, which usually makes movies more interesting to me.

The movie also had one other pleasurable thing going for it. That being the lovely Ms. Jurnee Smollett. I do wish her part had been a bit bigger, because seeing her on screen was always enjoyable. And, as is true with all my BotMs, she's more than just a pretty face. No, I'm not referring to that glorious body, though it does merit mentioning. What I mean is that she's worth watching not just for looks, but for her acting as well. Here's hoping to see her in more frequent & more featured roles. Now join me in basking in Ms. Smollett's loverliness, will you?

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