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Saturday, January 20, 2007
Hot flashes

Remember how just a moment ago (well, okay, not really "just a moment" . . . maybe from your perspective as a reader, but as far as writing goes, more like "just a week ago") I was commenting on how unbearably cold it is in my office? Well, they're finally doing something about it. The problem is not quite entirely solved, yet. But at least I'm no longer dealing with numb fingers and shivering. The office is currently (at a guess) in the mid-60's, temperature-wise. At least, in my area. The other side of the building (where the sun shines) is a few degrees warmer, but honestly I don't think it's cracked 70 yet (if it has, it's just barely).

One of the women over on that side of the building (who, after only a few months of working there, I have discovered, is the type who feels the world revolves around her) apparently made a bit of a stink about this. As far as I can tell, she is in a constant state of hot flash. While the rest of us were walking around the office in coats, she had on a sun-dress. I kid you not. And when we got the temps up to something more closely resembling non-Arctic weather, she immediately started filing complaints that it was "too warm". Fortunately, she was essentially told "tough shit--we're not going to make the rest of the office suffer and get sick to accomodate one person."

Yesterday, she had a fan set up at her desk. Now, her desk is not enclosed in a cubicle. It's just tucked away in a corner. As I was on my way to the break room, I heard two of my male co-workers shriek. Yes, shriek. And it wasn't the kind of happy, glee-filled shriek that accompanies whoops and hollers at a strip club. It turns out that this woman--who it should be noted, has the look of the stereotypical grandmother, complete with flabby skin & liver spots--was standing over her little fan trying to "cool off". And as these two male co-workers rounded the corner, they got to see her impression of the famous Marilyn Monroe pose. Sort of. Honestly, it is a true testament to their dedication to work that they were able to continue their job for the rest of the day. But I do suspect they'll both be looking for therapists this weekend.

In other news, I start back to school next week. Not a terribly heavy workload, but I mention it simply because it will in all likelihood that I shall be posting even less frequently than I have been. If that's possible.

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