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Saturday, December 30, 2006
Better late than never

I meant to do this post a while back, but just this morning finally got around to uploading the pic. A few weeks ago (that would be before Christmas, for those of you who are calendar-challenged), as I was sitting in the front room one evening, minding my own business, watching TV and/or surfing the Web, I suddenly became aware of a strange crinkling noise. It was the somewhat familiar sound of plastic wrap being crinkled, accompanied by an occassional & very faint grunt. It seemed to be eminating from the back bedroom, so I set off to investigate. And there I found Mr. Duncan, happily (though somewhat confusedly) chewing on what was supposed to be one of his Christmas presents--still in its plastic bag. It seems he got a bit impatient or something and discovered the item hidden in the closet.

P1010026Now, not wanting to be a big meanie, I of course opted not to take it away from him. Instead, we unwrapped it, and he's been in hog heaven ever since. He absolutely loves snuggling with, chomping on, and tripping over his newfound friend. We have agreed on the name of Grrrr-illa. And, as you can see, Grrrr-illa loves Duncan as well. Though Dunc isn't quite cooperative with the piggy back rides Grrr-illa tries to take. And he gets rather aggitated when I decide to give Grrrr-illa a piggy back ride. But I do hope he doesn't make a habit of stealing his Christmas presents early . . .

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