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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
What a joke

Actually, I shouldn't say that. "Joke" implies that there is something at least mildly entertaining about it. But there's not. Now, I know that I've mentioned once or twice that I don't like to talk politics here on my blog. Blogdome has more than enough of that crap as it is. But I just simply can't stay quiet on this.

Way back in yesteryear, when I joyfully went to the polls to cast my very first vote ever, I was rather dismayed at the fact that at no point was I asked to show any form of identification. Throughout the years, this is always something that has bothered me. Here in California, you are not asked for ID when you show up to vote. Quite the contrary, it is actually illegal for a polling station person to ask for ID. The process calls for you to walk up to the polling representative, give them your first and last name, as well as tell them your registered address, and that's good enough for them. To me, that's rediculous. There's honestly nothing to prevent me from walking into the polling station, give them my dad's name & address, or a friend's, or anyone else for that matter, and cast their vote for them. With or without their permission. And the reality is that it's a pretty good bet I don't even have to know their address to pull off such a deception, since over the years it's been about a 50/50 chance whether the attendant asks for the address or not. Tonight was a shining example of that . . .

Polling person: "Last name?"
Me: "Nomad"
Polling person: {fumbling through the list} "Phillip?"
Me: "Yeah."
Polling person: "Okay, sign here."

Notice that he never asked for my address. Notice as well that he never asked me for my first name . . . he told me what it was. But, wanna know what really pissed me off? While I was standing in line waiting just to get to that point of not being asked my address, I noticed people periodically going up to a rather large printout hanging from the wall. As I got closer, I could read the cover . . . "Registered Voters List, Reference Only". Oh, that can't be what I think it is, I thought. But didn't want to leave the line to investigate. So, after voting, as I left the room, I took a closer look. Sure enough, it was a listing of every registered voter (last name, first name and address) for that polling station. So, not only are they saying that you can "prove" who you are simply by telling them your name and address, they are giving you the name and address of every registered voter!!! That's not just allowing voter fraud, that's straight up asking for it. Honestly, if I hadn't been a bit pressed for time, I was sorely tempted to jot down a few names & addresses, get back in line, and vote a few more times. Just for the hell of it. Fucking rediculous.

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