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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Owie owie owie

As I'm sure you all remember (because I know how you memorize every word I type here) I have some issues with the sight of my own blood. Today, I discovered that I can experience the same feelings of light-headedness (though admittedly, to a lesser extent) by dropping a door on my foot. It's not so much the sight (even though it is a bit nastier than the picture would indicate), but the excruciating pain. Fortunately, that has subsided, and is now merely a dull throb. And of course, it's given me an annoying limp. I just hope to hell it didn't break, because that would suck. And the doctor's bill for that probably would make me faint. If I can still move it around, that means it's not broke, right?

Update: This morning (Wednesday) the toe was looking a bit more bruised and painly when I woke up. So, I made the decision to bite the bullet and get it checked out. First, I tried to get an appointment with my regular doc. But after 2 hours of trying to get ahold of someone at that office who could schedule an appointment, with no success, I opted to head down to the local walk-in medical clinic (not that kind of clinic, you perverts). End result? After 4 hours of waiting & x-raying, it's not broken. Just some pretty good soft-tissue damage. Additionally, the adventure has further reduced my opinion of our society. Part of the reason for the long wait time was that (prior to my arrival) another patient went into cardiac arrest. The emergency obviously caused a bit of a back up. But this explanation was apparently not an acceptable excuse for at least one other customer. He complained long and hard about how long he had been waiting. And when the receptionist apologized and explained the situation, his response . . . "Well they should have shipped him to the hospital. My time is important, too!" Yeah, this guy felt that the doctors should have schlubbed an emergency patient, in life-threatening need of immediate medical attention, off onto someone else, rather than actually follow their Hypocratic Oath and good morals by helping him, just so that this guy wouldn't have to wait for someone to take a look at his anal warts (or whatever he was in there for). Such a wonderfully shining example of what our society is coming to.

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