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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Apologies for not posting as of late, and even missing the Sunday brain teaser entry. As mentioned in the previous entry, I've been doing some redecorating. And as is true with every project undertaken in this house, it has turned out to be a touch more involved than originally anticipated. The front room is essentially done (just a little trim & touch up painting to do, but that should wait until the windows are replaced next week), and am starting in on the dining room. Theoretically, it'll go a little smoother, having learned a few things with the front room. However, it too will take at a minimum one day longer than anticipated, as the need to attend a funeral has reared its ugly head. So, it may be a while again before I'm able to post anything new. Don't worry, it's not because I've given up blogging or abandoned y'all . . . it's just that I'm busy and incredibly tired. Have a good one.

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