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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Home work

I so enjoy doing home repairs/improvements. And yes, I'm being serious. Well, sort of. I enjoy the initial stages of the projects. You know--the part where I get to tear things apart. Taking a chainsaw to a deck, or a sledgehammer to the bathroom is a terrific way to work off any pent up frustrations. And despite the additional aggrivation working with my dad can cause, there's something truly theraputic about using a floor sander. The down side is that after the fun part, there's the rebuilding part. And that usually requires a bit more patience and attention to detail rather than brute force. Which isn't always fun. And, of course, with my house, there's almost always the part halfway through the teardown where I discover some problem. Usually, it's directly attributable to the previous owner . . . something he did in some half-arsed way that results in me having to do more work than anticipated. Other times (like now) it's because I have an older house and so replacement items have to be special ordered rather than bought right off the shelf. Currently, I have no doors in my house, because I foolishly assumed that replacement pre-hung doors would fit fine. But nnnnoooooooooooo. They're all sized for modern construction, which has 4-9/16" jams, not the 5-9/16" ones my house has. I may have to find another project to start that involves lots of teardown without rebuild.

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