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Sunday, July 09, 2006
Riddle me this

It's Sunday already. How do I know? It's really quite simple. Today is Sunday because yesterday was Saturday. And I know this because I went to see Third Eclipse win a band competition last night. They totally kicked butt. Every single vote was for them. And not just because they played kick arse music. And not even just because they're fronted by three incredibly hot sisters. But also because the other 2 bands they were competing against didn't show up. We're pretty sure it was because they were afraid of losing to girls. But, that's not terribly important to this post. It just proves that this is Sunday. And Sunday means brain teaser time. So, are you ready? I hope so, because I'm not. Staying out moderately late listening to loud music isn't really condusive to having your brain work the following morning. Okay, enough rambling. Let's see who figures this one out.

Jane is babysitting ten children. She has a jar with only ten crackers in it. All the children want to have a cracker, but they also want Jane to leave one cracker in the jar. Without 'cracking' herself, how is Jane able to give each child a cracker and still leave one in the jar?

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