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Saturday, April 01, 2006
Who? Huh?*

Interesting how I go and announce I won't be posting much and then suddenly have fairly consistent posts. That's life, I guess. Anywho (no pun intended), when I was younger I used to really enjoy watching Doctor Who, even though I live in the States. Truthfully, I don't actually remember much about the show, other than it starred some odd looking curly haired dude in an ugly scarf who fought goofy looking trash cans. But I know I enjoyed it back then.

So when the Sci-Fi channel started airing episodes of the latest version of the series, I decided to check it out. And the moment I saw Billie Piper I knew she was going to be a candidate for the Babe of the Month. And of course, the moment she began talking, I knew she was the Babe of the Month. Because (and I think I've mentioned this before) I have this weakness for pretty women with accents. Irish, Scottish, Southern, English, Australian & French pretty much top the list. And admittedly there are a few that are kind of a turn off. But in general, a good looking woman with an accent will make my knees melt. It's a rather good thing that Jilly has never done an audio post, because then her seduction of me would likely be complete. But I digress.

I have only been able to watch 2 episodes of the new Doctor Who so far (and have greatly enjoyed both), and don't recall ever seeing Ms. Piper in anything else. But do you not agree that she is quite the lovely? And very entertaining in the role of Rose, I might add. It appears she is also rather known for her singing, though I can not comment on that.

*Yes, I realize the likely subliminal inference of having a Babe of the Month entry with a title remarkably similar to the word "hoohah". You people really need to get your minds out of the gutter.

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