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Friday, February 17, 2006
Seinfeld experience

So, I was watching Seinfeld the other day and it was an episode depicting an incident very similar to one which I, personally, had experienced a couple years ago. In the episode, George had locked his keys in his car. This turned out to be okay, though, because since he couldn't move his car from his work parking spot, everyone thought he was the first one to arrive in the morning and the last one to leave. He took the opportunity to go away for a few days with his girlfriend. And then he realized that someone needed to pick up the fliers off his windshield, otherwise his bosses would realize he wasn't really there. So, Jerry & Kramer go to remove the fliers, and after seeing all the bird droppings & dirt & other garbage on the car, they figure they had best get the car washed in order to protect George's secret. They break into the car, get it washed, then get into an accident when they see Elaine's friend walking down the street with her bra showing. George's bosses see the wrecked car, can't find George, and fear the worst.

So, now that I've spoiled that episode for you (as if you haven't already seen it at least 16 times), here is why it was so eerily familiar. A few years ago, some friends and I got together at a (semi) local park & lake for a bbq and general get together. Jawing away and people watching after gorging ourselves on food, a rather attractive young woman rode by on the bike path. And I happened to notice (more verbally than intended) that she was not, as initially thought, wearing a bathing suit top, but a bra. And I'm not talking about a workout bra or the likes. It was a nice, silky-looking, red little number with a touch of lace. I pointed this observation out to my friends (using something like the oh-so-subtle "Wow, she's just wearing a bra!"), and a resultant 3 cases of whiplash ensued as my friends, um, calmly took a look in order to verify my observation. It's probably a good thing that we were all sitting down as opposed to taking a walk along the trail . . . otherwise at least one of us probably would have ended up in the lake.

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