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Wednesday, January 11, 2006
What I done been up to

When I first moved in to my house a bit over 6 years ago (wow . . . hard to believe it's been that long) I knew right away that the deck was going to have to be replaced. It was grossly out of code (the joists were spaced about 5' apart, instead of the 2 feet required by code), rotting (one of the steps had a hole in it, and a small flower pot fell through the bench slats when I put it there), falling apart (I could literally wobble the whole thing by myself if I tried) and butt ugly (like the entire rest of the house (yes, entire house, inside and out) it had at one time been painted a deep hunter green, but then had a half-arsed attempt at cover up with white at some point). Well, I after putting it off for 6 years, I finally got around to doing something about it a few months ago.

And this is the end result. Twelve feet deep, twenty-three feet wide. All redwood surface, steps down (of different widths) on all sides, benches on the "front" and side, and a hatch to the under-house access. Absolutely rock solid. And done entirely by myself. Well, okay, in all fairness my dad did come over and help me on one day during the teardown of the old deck. And, again in all fairness, his chainsaw came in exceedingly handy. But, about half the teardown, hauling off of all the old scrap (3150 lbs total, including the unuseable concrete pilings), levelling out & compacting of the soil, and the entire build were all done 100% by yours truly. Y'know, every now and again I think I should probably change careers and become a carpenter or builder or something. And then I remember that I don't really want to make a career of manual labor, plus have issues with tools & the sight of my own blood. So, it's probably best I don't follow through. But you must admit that I am truly a skilled and talented deck builder, and that you are all very impressed. Right?

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