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Tuesday, December 27, 2005
Bond bind

I'm a James Bond fan. At least, of most the movies. Connery's the only real Bond. Moore was an acceptable substitute. Brosnan did a passable job, though the films themselves didn't hold up to the Bond standards. Whoever hired Dalton should be strung up by his nads because he was an even worse Bond than Lazenby. But, I digress. Right now we are into Day 005 (I think) of SpikeTV's "008 Days of 007", and let me tell you, it's frackin' annoying as hell. They do a Bond marathon every Thanksgiving, so doing another one a month later for Christmas/New Year's is rather rediculous. But more annoying is the fact that I each morning, I am unable to watch the only show worth watching in that time frame. In case you're wondering, that'd be MacGyver. Nnnnooooooooo. In stead, I "get" to watch a small portion of a Bond movie (most likely one that I just saw last month or even earlier in the week) before real life requires me to leave the TV. Criminy guys--enough already!!!

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